Expert in biopharmaceuticals

Specialising in biopharmaceuticals, the LFB group is one of the few pharmaceutical companies in the world to master a range of advanced bioproduction techniques.

From an expertise in plasma-derived medicinal products, LFB has developed its technological capabilities, positioning our business in promising areas of 21st century healthcare: recombinant medicines – including monoclonal antibodies – and other advanced therapies.


Recombinant medicines

The LFB group develops and manufactures recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies using both our EMABling® and rPRO technology platforms. LFB’s recombinant antithrombin, ATryn®, is marketed in the United States and clinical studies are evaluating use in additional indications.

Advanced therapies

Other advanced therapies – including cell therapy and gene therapy – are expected to provide new ways of preventing or treating a wide range of diseases, some of which have no solution today. LFB’s subsidiary CELLforCURE manufactures innovative therapeutics on an industrial scale. CELLforCURE can produce cell therapy medicines for both autologous and allogeneic treatments, as well as gene therapy drugs.