Responsibility to patients & healthcare professionals

Responsibility is one of the key values of the LFB group. LFB was founded on strong values, with an unwavering commitment to serving our patients worldwide.

Committed to patients, their families and their healthcare professionals

LFB has dedicated itself to providing care and support to patients with rare diseases. In the UK this is reflected in our support for patient organisations in the therapy areas in which we operate, including the Haemophilia Society which provides assistance for patients with rare bleeding disorders and their families.

The financial sponsorship that LFB Biopharmaceuticals provides to patient organisations, together with programme details may be found here.

LFB Biopharmaceuticals also provides sponsorship to a number of specialist nurses’ and doctors’ associations for those working in associated areas of medicine, as well as to some individuals. Individual support is provided principally in response to requests for assistance to attend key educational meetings.

Details of payments made by LFB Biopharmaceuticals to healthcare professionals are available on request.

Details of LFB’s Corporate Social Responsibilities may be found on the group website