Clinical trials

The LFB group is committed to investing in international research and the development of new technologies. Research and licensure are currently ongoing in a number of areas, including the following pipeline projects.

Recombinant anti-D immunoglobulin

LFB is developing a recombinant anti-D monoclonal antibody that could potentially be indicated for the prevention of certain cases of maternal allo-immunisation.

Recombinant Factor VIIa

LFB is conducting phase III development of a recombinant activated Factor VII, which could potentially be prescribed to patients who have haemophilia A and B with inhibitors. A Biologic License Application (BLA) has been submitted in the United States.


LFB’s fibrinogen is now licensed for the treatment of congenital fibrinogen deficiencies in Europe. Phase III clinical trials are planned to demonstrate the benefit of fibrinogen in treating severe haemorrhages with acquired deficiency.

10% IVIG

LFB is conducting phase III clinical trials to obtain additional neurological indications in Europe.

Von Willebrand factor

LFB is developing two new indications for its Von Willebrand factor for European registration.

Further information about our clinical study programme may be found at
In addition LFB provides unrestricted grants for research in associated fields. Details are available on request (click here).