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About the LFB Group

LFB Biopharmaceuticals is a company of the LFB group, with marketing activities in the UK.

Created in 1994, the LFB Group is a pharmaceutical company specialising in biological medicinal products. LFB was founded on a fundamental commitment – patients’ safety. It is an overarching priority throughout all of the company’s operations and over the past 20 years LFB products have treated and saved the lives of millions of people.

The LFB Group is one of Europe’s leaders in the field of biopharmaceuticals, specialising in innovative biotherapies for serious, and often rare, diseases. Our products – manufactured using both plasma fractionation and recombinant technologies – are marketed in several countries around the world.

The LFB Group combines a deep understanding of complex medical conditions and excellence in bioproduction with a pioneering spirit, resulting in the development of breakthrough technologies that make a difference to people’s lives.

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