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Job Code: 22/11/082 – Date of preparation: January 2023

About LFB Group

LFB is a biopharmaceutical group that develops, manufactures and markets plasma-derived medicinal products and recombinant proteins for the treatment of patients with serious and often rare diseases. Created in France in 1994, LFB today is a leading european company providing plasma-derived and recombinant medicinal products to healthcare professionals. Its mission is to offer patients treatment options for unmet needs in three major therapeutic areas: immunology, haemostasis, and intensive care.

LFB is a public company and is growing in a competitive sector.

LFB’s current market portfolio includes 15 biomedicinal products sold in about 30 countries.

More than 2,650 employees of the LFB, both in France and worldwide, are totally committed to meeting the company mission.